What never to do before a Cambridge exam

What never to do before a Cambridge exam

Without a doubt, it has been proven over the years that speaking English correctly is a tool that can open many doors, and the best way to prove this is by obtaining Cambridge certification. If you want to know what never to do before a Cambridge exam, read on.

What is a Cambridge exam?

A Cambridge exam is a test you take to certify your level of English at this world-famous university. This means that certification of a Cambridge exam will be recognised by millions of employers and universities around the world.

What is a Cambridge exam?

The Cambridge exam is made up of several categories that certify a person’s level of English. In general terms, the certificates issued by Cambridge after the assessment of an English exam are as follows:


This is the easiest level of English and, in relation to the European Framework of Reference for Languages (in which Cambridge operates), is approximately an A2 certificate.


This refers to a B1 certificate and means an intermediate level that can open up job or study opportunities.


Equivalent to an upper intermediate level relative to level B2 according to the European reference framework for languages.



This is one of the highest levels and certifies your ability not only to communicate in English, but also to produce written work and specific tasks.


This is the highest Cambridge exam certification you can acquire, which fully accredits you.

Mistakes not to make

A Cambridge exam is extremely important for your professional and personal development, so it is not something to be taken lightly.

To help you prepare for a Cambridge exam, you should consider many of the same things you should consider when taking an English language test and avoid the following mistakes:

Signing up to take a more advanced exam

This is probably the most common mistake. To avoid it, you need to be honest enough with yourself to recognise your language skills, because it’s better to get a good grade and a consistent certificate than to sign up for a test where you won’t get a top score because you don’t really know what it is.

It is also worth remembering that in order to pass the Cambridge exam you need to prepare properly and start studying well in advance, i.e. about a year in advance. One of the reasons why it is such a popular exam is that it sets a very high standard for language knowledge.

Prepare yourself

What not to do before a Cambridge exam

It is certainly not correct to say that it is impossible, but it is not recommended either. If you are preparing to pass a Cambridge exam, you should know that you have to study very hard and there is no better alternative than the support of a teacher, counsellor or language professional.

Don’t take enough time

Taking your time or preparing on the spur of the moment is a serious mistake that could cost you your final exam grade. For this reason, it is better to take your time to study and prepare properly.

Also, when taking the test you may feel pressured because there is a specific time limit to complete it, but it is best to give yourself the opportunity to check each answer and read the writing and sentences carefully.

What aspects are tested in the Cambridge exam?

The aspects to be tested in a Cambridge exam depend on the specific test you are preparing for. For example, in the case of the most basic tests, i.e. the key test and the pre-test, they consist of all the necessary factors: speaking, listening, writing and reading.

The more advanced tests, on the other hand, will test more in-depth content that goes beyond the above, including the use of English in everyday life and in reading and listening.

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