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The family is always increasing. If you meet the requirements described below and are interested in joining our team, do not hesitate to send your request. In case of need, you will be contacted. On the contrary, we will save your data and we will contact you as soon as necessary.

Advantages of working with us:


Decide the days and times when you are available and work from wherever you want.


We tend to pay more than other online academies, because your work has a lot of value for us.

Personal and professional growth

At Kaleido Languages ​​we share knowledge about new teaching strategies and tools, so that you will always be up-to-date and will not stop growing.

What do you need?

  • Be a native of the language being taught.
  • Have adequate equipment for videoconferences and a good internet connection.
  • Have demonstrable experience in teaching languages.
  • Have a degree or certificate related to the position (language teaching certificate, university studies in applied linguistics, education, philologies, etc.).

Kaleido Languages ​​Philosophy

  • We follow the communicative method.
  • Our teachers follow their students also outside of class time. That is, the class is not limited to the synchronous modality of the meeting for the class, but must also have an asynchronous component, for example, through the preparation of tasks, activities or didactic games of a different nature and through the preferred support by the teacher and the student, so that the student can practice autonomously between one class and another.
  • For private lessons, the teacher is free to use the material that he considers most appropriate for the objectives that the student has to achieve. For group classes, we rely on a structured program created by us and certain manuals that the teacher must follow. If a course is to be taught, we will provide a syllabus and an employee manual.
  • Our teachers are friendly, dynamic and available to their students.

Reserva tu Clase de Prueba Gratis

English  Placement test

Select the correct answer. Then, write a short text choosing one of the two options.

Test di italiano

Scegli la risposta corretta. Successivamente, scegli un tema per una breve composizione scritta.

Test de español

Escoge la respuesta correcta. Sucesivamente, escoge un tema para escribir un breve texto. 

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