Tips on how to prepare for an English language proficiency test

Tips on how to prepare for an English language proficiency test

When it is time to take an English language proficiency test, it is natural to be nervous about how you will do it, as well as what the results will be. For this reason, here are some tips on how to prepare for an English language proficiency test and get the best grades.

Study options

The first thing you should know when preparing for an English language proficiency test is that you have two options on how to study before the test. The first is to study on your own, making use of the tools you can find on the internet and the knowledge you already have.

Tips on how to prepare for an English language proficiency test

However, the second option is the most recommended, as it involves using the services of a language professional, who will manage your preparation and will be ready to advise you at all times, so that they can help clarify any doubts that arise along the way.

Some fundamental advice

The reality is that everyone knows their own study methodologies, and you should always make use of those techniques that you know work for you, as the ultimate idea is to see satisfactory results.

However, in general terms, there are some tips that can help with this, such as the following:

Organise your time!

Generally, you will be notified of the date of the English language test well in advance. So your task is to organise the time you have available to study frequently and, almost like a tip for learning English, consistency will be the key to success when you take your test.

Study options

Many people tend to finish studying the day before they take the test and, of course, it will be difficult to achieve the same results as if you prepare in good time.

It is also important to sit and study in a suitable place, with good lighting and no distractions.

Consult previous references

If you are allowed to, or know someone who has already taken the test, ask for the physical test so you can go over it with them and see examples that will help you learn the content.

If you don’t know who can provide you with the English proficiency test, don’t worry, the internet is always a good tool for learning. There are numerous websites where you can see examples of the subject you are studying, or you can even find exercises to solve the content you are studying in a practical way.

Research the methodology of the test

As a student, you have every right to find out about the characteristics and methodology of the English proficiency test you are about to take. We advise you to ask your teacher about the content of the test.

It may also be useful to ask for other details, such as what techniques will be used in the assessment (this will give you a clearer idea of the type of questions or exercises you will be asked in the test).

Expand your vocabulary

Tips on how to prepare for an English language proficiency test

Once you know the methodology your teacher will use, you will know whether he/she will allow you to use the dictionary during the test time. In any case, it is best to expand your vocabulary. This will help you understand the questions and content of the English proficiency test. Often, these tests are written entirely in English.

To expand your vocabulary, you can review your dictionary or download an app on your smartphone to help you do this.

Take notes

Taking notes is a key tip when preparing for an English language proficiency test. You can easily summarise any new content by jotting it down in a notebook or diary. In this way, you will have the most important references on each topic at your fingertips.

Evaluate yourself objectively

On your own or with the help of a counsellor, you can carry out several pilot tests and evaluate the results objectively. In this way, you will know with more certainty what you need to improve.

Remember that although your nerves may betray you when taking the English test, the most important thing is to have confidence in yourself and the time you have spent preparing and studying. If you have confidence in yourself, your results will be indisputable.

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